Conditions Treated

Stress/ Anxiety/ Depression

The daily demands of today’s fast paced society may accumulate and create overwhelm. Physical symptoms may start to appear as a sign of imbalance. Pharmaceutical medications may have side effects and are not a long term solution for everybody. By assessing various factors and applying an effective treatment plan, balance can be restored.


insomnia behavioral problems mood swings burn out

Weight Management/ Cellulite/ Detoxification

Programs are available to evaluate individual circumstances to promote ideal weight and therefore better health. This includes: hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, lifestyle management and proper vitamins and minerals to support metabolism. Fat deposits hold many unwanted chemicals and toxins. Focusing on detoxification of accumulated metabolic by-products or pollutants supports healthy weight. Programs and support to make healthy choices are provided to teach maintenance and prevent sabotaging success.

Digestive Conditions

Proper digestion, absorption and elimination are all a necessity for good health and longevity. It is abnormal to have gas, bloating, nausea, loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea or heartburn. “Never well since” a traveler’s digestive infection can also be effectively corrected.


Acid Reflux/Heart Burn Ulcers Celiac Disease Colitis
Candida Crohn’s Disease Gastritis Hemorrhoids
Diarrhea Parasites Bad Breath/Canker sores
General indigestion Gas and bloating Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Respiratory Conditions

There are many issues which can interfere with proper breathing, such as, allergy, infections, sensitivity to pollution, smoking and poor fitness. Grief or sadness has been shown to result in these symptoms.


Chronic Cough Bronchitis Asthma COPD
General indigestion Phlegm Sore Throat Smoking Cessation

Cardiovascular conditions/ stroke/ blood clot or embolism

An issue of aging and genetic predisposition, cardiovascular disease is a common cause of death and debility. Dr. Kodnar will first help you to understand your risk, review any current medication and customize a prevention plan to suit your needs.


Lack of energy to maintain a busy lifestyle is an issue that can be intermittent or may have developed into a long- standing problem. Dr. Kodnar can evaluate effective rest, or quality sleep, diet and nutrition or other underlying health issues which may contribute to this experience.

Examples of issues assessed would include:

adrenal fatigue allergy anemia hormone imbalance
thyroid imbalance dehydration acid/alkaline imbalance burn out
over training fibromyalgia poor fitness blood sugar imbalance
chronic fatigue syndrome post viral infection syndrome

A specific program can be developed to remove energy-draining circumstances resulting in increased stamina and recovery. One benefit of banking reserves of energy is that, in times of stress, the individual does not return to fatigue.

Optimum Wellness / Anti-Aging

Through increased awareness, many individuals are seeking proactive care versus reactive care. This reduces absenteeism for the employer, more efficiency within the individual, and is based on age, sex, hereditary, current state of health, and immune issues. When you have an effective maintenance plan for longevity, life is productive, rewarding and peaceful. The earlier an individual becomes aware of methods to maintain the good health they possess, the higher the success of living senior years in a more independent and satisfying way.


Cardiovascular issues Blood Sugar Control MS Recovery from burn out
Nervous System Support Dental Support Vision Support Alzheimers
High Cholesterol Macular Degeneration Musculoskeletal performance
Improper digestion/ Malabsorption Overall Immune Function
Heavy Metal and Toxin Accumulation Proper digestion and absorption of nutrients

Skin and Hair Conditions

Problems that appear on the outside (skin, hair, nails) are often indications for deeper problems on the inside. The naturopathic approach is to find and address the underlying cause, which may be sourced to food sensitivities, gastrointestinal imbalances, infections, hormonal imbalances, stress and poor nutrition. Treating only the surface may actually suppress an expression of the deeper problem and is rarely long lasting. Through knowledge and consistency results can be obtained.


Acne Body Odor Eczema Hives & rash
Hair Loss Impetigo Rosacea Psoriasis
Fungal/Yeast Infections Athletes Foot Cuticle Damage Nail Biting
Excess sweating Warts

Neurological Conditions

Learning disabilities, ADHD, reading disabilities, inability to focus as well as more serious cases of neurodegenerative diseases impact quality of life not only for the individual affected but those of the entire family. Naturopathic medicine can support current care, slow progression and significantly improve a variety of symptoms.


ADHD Alzheimer Disease Autism Learning Disabilities
Macular Degeneration Migraine Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson’s

Urinary Conditions

This area of difficulty has very successful results through naturopathic care reducing the need for ongoing suffering, embarrassment and invasive procedures. Most acute problems resolve quickly and chronic issues improve after years of unsuccessful conventional treatment.


Bladder infections Bedwetting Incontinence Interstitial Cystitis
Kidney Disease Prostatitis Frequency /Tiny Bladder Syndrome

Immune System Weakness

Are you constantly catching whatever is going around at work, school or town? Having a cold once or twice a year is normal, likely when we are under stress or exposed to the elements of seasonal change. However, if this is happening too frequently or if a general malaise has you missing out on life, it may be time for more than a “boost”. Factors that may be impacting your immunity include stress, nutrient depletion, lack of sleep and toxin burden. Dr. Kodnar will recommend a program to naturally fortify your resistance against flu and bacteria.

Thyroid and endocrine / hormonal imbalances or disorders

Using natural therapies and resources is ideal to maintain balance of a complex system by assisting the body in it’s own production of hormone levels. A detailed history of symptoms, physical examination, and specialized laboratory testing is the beginning to a treatment plan that will reestablish communication between various glands and organs.


Thyroid diseases Menopausal symptoms Hypoglycemia – Blood Sugar Imbalances
Low libido/ ED Adrenal Fatigue Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Diabetes PMS    

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Naturopathic Medicine can help maximize the body’s ability to adapt to common stressors of every day life which may result in osteoporosis and arthritis. Ergonomics of desk sitting, television watching, long term driving can produce pain, discomfort, lack of energy and even disease. Adequate exercise is paramount to overall recovery, however in the meantime, homeopathy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy and other treatments can ease the circumstances. Providing nutritional support, along with vitamins and minerals, is important to rebuild and restore function. Imbalances due to excess acidity from poor diet and stress can be corrected to maximize therapeutic programs. Athletic performance and recovery will be enhanced through individualized programs.


Fibromyalgia Rheumatoid Arthritis Joint pain Osteoarthritis
Gout Low back pain Osteoporosis
Sport and Endurance programs Stiffness, muscle cramps or spasmss
Traumatic injury recovery/Bone Repair

Pediatric/ Adolescent Health Issues

From birth to the age of 21 a multitude of development occurs among a variety of systems all of which, with adequate nutrition, exercise, and stimulation can evolve as naturally as it is meant to happen. Considerations for hormonal development, the avoidance of allergy, questions regarding vaccination, immune system development, become significant to parents who are seeking to provide the best for their children.

Common child hood complaints treated are:

Acne Anemia Menstrual Stabilization Constipation
Allergy Bed Wetting Diaper rash Cradle cap
Headache Hiccup Behavioral Disorders
Tummy Aches Gas/ Bloating Asthma/Croup/ Bronchitis
Hernia Nail Biting Ear Infections/Tonsillitis
Parasites/ Pin worms/Lice/Warts Reflux Disease/Heart Burn/ Spitting Up
Childhood Diseases – chicken pox, mumps Leg Cramps or “Growing Pains”

Natural Fertility/ Preconception/ Pre and Post natal care/Home Birth

By bringing the body back into balance and restoring health, natural fertility care programs will promote natural rhythm through the use of specific herbal and nutrient products recommended on an individualized basis.Dr. Kodnar refers to couples experiencing difficulties as subfertile rather than infertile, and with corrective measures, balance is created and fertility is achieved. In addition, optimizing a couple’s natural health will create a greater sense of confidence and general well-being. Studies have shown that patients participating in natural fertility programs conceive with an improvement of up to 80% and in combination with IVF, it doubles the chances of success.

Benefits of natural fertility programs include:

Improve ova (egg) and sperm quality
Increased chance of pregnancy Improved energy while pregnant
Reduce risk of birth defects or malformationMenstrual cycle and hormone level regulation
Reduce risk of miscarriage and complications such as gestational diabetes, hypertension and preeclampsia

Dr. Kodnar has had the successful experience of her own home birth. She is willing to share this and support those seeking midwifery as part of their birth plan.

Weight Management/ Cellulite/ Detoxification

Programs are available to evaluate individual circumstances to promote ideal weight and therefore better health. This includes: hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, lifestyle management and proper vitamins and minerals to support metabolism. Focusing on detoxification of accumulated metabolic by-products or pollutants supports healthy weight. Fat deposits hold many unwanted chemicals and toxins. Programs and support to make healthy choices are provided to teach maintenance and prevent sabotaging success.

Cancer Care

Cancer is a condition of multiple considerations and therefore potential treatments. Ultimately the issue is to obtain the best possible care for the specific circumstance the patient is involved. This requires information to make educated choices and maximize all therapies available. A treatment plan for you will include nutritional supplementation, herbal or homeopathic combinations, dietary suggestions and lifestyle support. Recommendations may be for infrared sauna, intravenous vitamin therapy, acupuncture, massage and counseling support for both the patient and their family. Dr. Kodnar reduces stress by discussing the possibilities and how to best incorporate them, working with you and all health care professionals.